Male or Female Driving Instructors – Who’s Better?

Finally you are 17 years old and you’ve reached the age you can start taking driving lessons to own that long waited drivers license. Provisional license in hand it is time to look for a driving instructor to but who to choose; a close relative, male or female driving instructor.

In this article I’ll skip the close relative bit as it is subject to a whole new article but it also fits in the main theme of this article. Who’s better at teaching people how to drive male or female driving instructors?

Twenty years ago I wouldn’t even have content to start such a debate as the great majority of instructors were men. Nowadays women have conquered space in the industry and we can choose between male and female driving instructors สอบใบขับขี่.

Even so, many are reluctant in hiring women as their driver trainer. These people still think that men are better drivers than women. But I’m not here to talk about who has better driving skills and I’m here to talk who is better at teaching others how to drive.

Women tend to be more patient than men and at the same time more strict. They will teach you everything you need to know about driving with perfection but don’t you dare to try and cut corners with them.

With male driver trainers besides learning all the ins and outs of driving they will also teach a trick or two such as parking skills and speeding. Not saying that women don’t know how to park but I must say men do that much better than women.

Everyone learns in a different way some might prefer a male driver trainer others might opt for a female driving instructor. Above all you and your instructor must work out a personal lesson plan. This plan should be designed to give you the very best chance of passing your test and will help turn you into a safe and confident driver.

Based on your driving experience the trainer will have to determine how many lessons you will need in total before taking your driving test. In general after 10 to 15 hours classes you should be ready to take the test but if you feel that you need more lessons do no hesitate to ask your instructor.

In the end it doesn’t matter if you choose a male or a female driving instructor your goal is to learn how to drive. Choose the one you think you will feel more comfortable with and last but not least good luck.

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