Casino Poker Tournaments vs Online Poker Tournaments

The popularity of online poker has exploded in recent years. More players than ever before are choosing to dabble in online poker rooms. People who never even knew how to play the game are now being drawn in. This influx of new blood has a lot to do with the recent boom of televised high-stakes poker tournaments.

When you’re sitting at home watching amateur online players win millions of dollars without having to spend thousands for tournament buy-ins, you start to wonder if you could do the same thing. Players who never played before suddenly want to learn the game. Casual kitchen-table players decide that they want to improve their poker skills by playing online. As soon as Chris Moneymaker became a millionaire, everyone in the country started thinking it could also happen to them 918kiss.

It’s no longer necessary to make a trip to Vegas in order to enter a poker tournament. Online poker tournaments offer players of all skill sets the ability to improve their game from the comfort of their own home.

Playing in an online poker tournament is a lot different than playing on the Internet. Casino poker tournaments are more interactive. You spend much of your available time studying the players around you. The head games are much more complicated, because you’re personally interacting with the people at your table. In an online tournament, reading players is much more difficult. You don’t get to watch people’s eyes, expressions and gestures. Instead, all you have to go on is betting patterns and betting amounts. You can still try to get in the heads of the players around you, but you have much less information to go on.

Online poker does have it’s advantages though. For starters, the process of playing poker online is much less intimidating for beginners. If you need to spend time practicing your tournament skills, online tournament play is much more effective than showing up at a casino, hoping to get lucky. Beginners should try to learn the game by playing for free, or by participating in only lower limit games.

Online poker tournaments are a lot more convenient than sitting in on a multi-table land-based casino tourney. You don’t have to travel to the casino. You can stay in your PJs, get up and stretch, grab a snack, and play whenever you have free time in your schedule.

In online tournaments, the game play can often times be more smooth. Nobody bets out of turn, and there are statistics and note taking advantages that aren’t available when you play in casino tournaments. In most online poker rooms, you can also play multiple hands, while in a casino your limited to the action of only one table.

Casinos will never lose their popular allure, but people enjoy online poker tournaments because the process of playing online is so simple. The key to winning poker tournaments is to practice. Participating in online tournaments is the most effective way to practice, improve your skills, and possibly earn some cash.

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